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Welcome to Phase II of Sofinee Art Exposé founded by artist Diane Lenay Garrett Black (dlgblack) to foster the growth and awareness of artists on all levels.  You will be able to view contemporary artwork, find coming events, purchase, and commission work. Enjoy your journey through this world of art.   Heavily influenced by the 60’s Lyrical Abstraction and Abstract Expressionism of Pop Art, Hard-edged painting and Colorfield painting, Diane’s abstracts, portraits, still life and landscapes utilize her unique style to illuminate a dramatic skillful use of layering colors in mixed mediums.  She captures the inner reflection of her subjects and her deep personal emotions and observations. 
The 60’s were rebellious and resulted in a powerhouse of ideas.  You can see the explosive fertile period in the works of these artist who reflect the influenced of the times on Diane: Pop Art: Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol Lyrical Abstraction: Larry Poons, Ronal Davis, William Pettet, Ronnie Lanfield, Peter Young  Adventurous in life as well as art, Diane journals events in oil pastels creating compelling computer enhanced images of animals, insects, people, places and common activities.  Her colorful career as a project gypsy wove its way through the farm lands, bank institutions, food canneries, oil refineries, nuclear facilities, emergency disasters and the construction of schools facilities. Diane Black's paintings and murals are in private and corporate collections. Her exciting designs highlight light, colours, materials, space and shape create images which are desired for fabric in woman’s apparel.  

Diane Lenay Garrett Black